Welcome to Pleasant Trading! This website is a resource for anyone who is interested in learning how to trade the financial market.

About Me

My name is Robinson Joachin. I’ve launched this website with a single goal: make it simple for anyone to learn how to trade. This is a resource I wish I had when I first started out.

I started my journey to becoming a trader in 2009 and learned very quickly that it is NOT a simple process. Like most people, I started by watching financial news shows like CNBC and doing google searches. I found a lot of resources that ranged from very helpful to completely confusing or totally wrong. Eventually I enrolled in courses at Online Trading Academy and spent time on a trading floor in New York City.

My most valuable experience was being privately mentored by an experience trader for over a year. Today I am a profitable, full-time day trader and I’ve used less than $20,000 of my own capital along the way (most people spend or lose much more and never become profitable). Not many people are as blessed as I am to have the same experiences or find someone who will take a personal interest in coaching you through the process. For this reason, I started this website to teach you what I’ve learned and make the process of learning how to trade as simple as possible.

Who is Pleasant Trading for?

This website is a resource for anyone who is interested in learning how to trade. If you have every asked yourself any of the below questions….

  • How do I trade my own money?
  • How much money do I need to trade the market?
  • What do I need to know to be a good trader?
  • Where can I go to really teach me how to trade?
  • What do I need to start trading?

….this website is for you!

I believe that anyone, regardless of background or income level, can learn how to successfully trade the markets. This site was designed to teach trading skills and help trader’s better understand the psychology behind successful trading. The market is a constant tester of skill, will, and patience. It my firm belief that to the degree a trader can master these character traits will determine whether he or she will go on to become a consistently profitable trader.

If you already have experience trading, this website can still be helpful to you. The resources on this site can help sharpen your skills to better understand the market. Traders can very easily develop bad habits early on that might take years to deal with. We can help make that process a little simpler.

How do I use this site?

On this website you will find resources to learn how to trade and access to tools to help you start trading. I will share with you the tools that I use as a trader. We’ve partnered with the best companies in the industry including for example NinjaTrader.

Our resources include:

  • Chart Setups – This is where we show you many different types of setups that you will find on a chart and how to take advantage of them as a trader
  • Videos – My videos show you first hand my approach to understanding and trading the markets.
  • Articles – I publish articles on hot topics for traders that
  • EBooks – I’ve created easy-to-understand ebooks that give you step-by-step guidance on your journey to becoming a trader

How to join Pleasant Trading?