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Top Three News Sources for Day Traders

In addition to this website, there are some valuable resources available to traders to help them identify trading opportunities in the market as well as track ongoing economic policy from governments. Below is a list of the top three news sources for traders.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory, as the name suggests, is one of the leading websites for information about the forex market. The most notable feature of this website is the economic calendar that appears on the home page which lists the release of news for each currency with a brief description about the potential impact. Forex Factory also includes a very active forum where traders talk about the markets. Traders can also post their trades showing their entry price, exit price and return. This is a must have resource for anyone interested in the forex market.


Bloomberg is one of the major sources of news, data and analytics about the financial markets. The website offers articles that provide an overview of the top headlines affecting the financial markets. Bloomberg TV, which airs 24 hours a day, is available online free of charge. The anchors are very knowledgeable and bring information about the latest developments in the U.S markets as well as abroad. On weekends, Bloomberg TV airs feature stories about individuals who have been influential in the business world.


CNBC is a cable television news program that covers business headlines and provides coverage of developments in the financial markets as they are happening. CNBC is unique in that many of the anchors on the show are actual traders and often share they analysis and call their trades. With many shows airing right from the pit of the New York Stock Exchange, tuning in to CNBC will ensure that you have your finger directly on the pulse of the financial markets.

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